Log in and sign the safe and easy way

To prove your identity on the internet, you increasingly need an identity card (eID) and card reader.

With® you can use our® app. Do you want to log in to a website or an app that supports®? Then you only need to scan a QR code and enter a five-digit pin code. This way you can prove who you are on the web quickly, easily and safely. And you don't need your card reader.

Don't have a smartphone or tablet? No problem: logging in with your identity card and card reader is still possible!

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Why® ?

  • easy – Scan a QR code or use your eID. Enter your PIN and you're done. And now you can log in on a device without a card reader too!
  • safe – Passwords just aren't safe any more. Using strong encryption, we build a digital wall around your identity, that can be proven only using two-factor authentication: your device or your eID, and a PIN code.

Activation is a piece of cake

  • easy – Activation is really simple. There is no need to provide us with a ton of data. We don't even need your email address nor phone number.
  • fast – Just scan a QR code and choose a PIN. That's all there is to it!

Integrate® in your applications

Safety first

Your privacy and the security of your personal information are extremely important to us.
With® you have full control over all your data: your devices, applications and recent activity.


View a list of your registered devices, and block devices you no longer use.


An easy overview with every application where you use®.

Recent activity® is transparent and gives you the detailed history of all your activity.

Frequently Asked Questions® is completely free for end users. Companies that want to authenticate users via® can choose from different service plans.

Anyone in possession of a Belgian Electronic Identity Card (eID), Kids-ID or Electronic Foreigner Card can use®. The Kids-ID can be activated for authentication from the age of 6. Ask for it at your city council.

No. Like an identity card, the® app is strictly personal. For security reasons, it can be activated by only one person at a time.

Not for the time being. We're working to restore this capability as soon as possible.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions at Make sure to test your eID with CSAM. If that doesn't work, contact

No, the card reader is only required to activate the mobile application. Then you can use the mobile application to log in.

If you prefer, you can also log in with the eID, on devices with a card reader.

If you don't have an eID card reader, and you cannot use one from a colleague or friend, maybe you can use a computer at a local library or town hall. Often computers equipped with eID card readers are available there. In Brussels and Flanders, for example, you can visit the Digibanken (in Dutch).

Alternatively, you can buy a card reader at a local computer shop. For more information, see:

Yes. You can. Once you are logged in on our website, you can view a history of when you used®.

Read our Privacy Policy.

Don't panic. You can login to the® website with an eID card reader and delete the mobile device from your profile. As a result, the app on the device is blocked, and can no longer be used to log in.

Activate the app in 2 steps

You can connect your identity with the mobile application in just two steps. Log in once with your eID card and card reader. Scan the QR code using the mobile app and choose a five-digit PIN code. After this the mobile application is activated and ready for use.

Activate the app


Log in with eID

Identify yourself using your eID card and card reader.


Activate the mobile app

Scan the QR code using the mobile app. After a few seconds, select a five-digit PIN code and the app is activated.