Easy and safe login for your organization

- With the identity card (eID)

- With the app


  • Belgian companies and organisations are increasingly interested in using strong authentication in a simple, cheap, robust and secure way, preferably based on the Belgian electronic identity card (eID).
  • Many companies are considering the use of the eID - even if it is not legally required - because they experience this as a clear improvement over the classic username and password combination.
  • No more username and password registration, management and helpdesk!

What is

  • With your company or organization can use the eID in a simple way.
  • Users of can choose between the eID with card reader or a mobile app. The mobile app makes it easy to log in with a QR-code. The user has to activate the mobile app once based on his or her eID.
  • This app allows you to easily log in to your portals with a QR code and identify yourself in your own apps with a five-digit PIN code. This way, the identity is quickly, easily and securely proven.
  • also supports the Kids-ID (from the age of 6) and the Electronic Foreigner Card.

Integrate in your applications

The security of your users is paramount

Through a powerful encryption we build a digital wall around their identity, which can only be proved with a two-step authentication: their mobile device and PIN code or their eID and card reader.

The privacy and security of personal data are of immense importance to us. That's why for the activation of your users, does not ask for an email address or phone number, and therefore does not keep track of this.

Likewise with, your users have full control over their data: their devices, their applications and the history of their recent activity.


You have a choice between two options:

Unlimited electronic authentications
  • per active user per month
  • per active user per year

Contact us to find out what is best for you and for your volume discount.