Easy and safe login for your organisation

- With the electronic identity card (eID)

- With the® app


Belgian companies and other organisations are increasingly interested in using strong, multifactor authentication in a simple, low cost, robust and secure way, preferably based on the Belgian electronic identity card (eID).

Many companies are considering authentication based on the eID - even when it is not legally required - because they see this as a clear improvement over the classic username and password combination. User registration is significantly simplified, and with no more usernames and passwords to be remembered, helpdesk support can be reduced significantly.

The® app can be installed on multiple devices, for example on a company phone as well as on a personal tablet, with or without a SIM card.

What is®?

With®, you can use the eID in a simple way.

Users can choose between their eID or the® mobile app to log in to your applications. The mobile app makes it easy to log in securely on their phone or tablet, or on a computer by scanning a QR-code. The user has to activate the mobile app once using their eID.

Users can also use the® app to digitally sign documents, eliminating the need for paper-based signatures and their associated cost.® also supports the Kids-ID and the Electronic Foreigner Card.

Integrate® in your applications

Integration into your applications is really simple, using the industry standard OpenID Connect protocol for authentications, and the DSS protocol for Advanced Digital Signatures.

Go to our developer console, view our documentation or contact us for more information. Of course, our experienced consultants are available to help you secure your web sites and applications.

The security of your users is paramount

The privacy and security of personal data are of immense importance to us.

Using powerful encryption, we build a digital wall around your user's identity, which can only be proven with a two-factor authentication: using their mobile device or their eID, and a PIN code.® does not ask for an email address or phone number, making activation as simple as possible. And they can trust we will not contact them.

With®, your users have full control over their data: their devices, their applications and the history of their recent activity can all be managed from the® website.


Self-service integration of® for testing purposes is possible, free of charge. Limitations apply.
For more information, see our developer console and documentation.

For production use, a contract is required.

A one-time onboarding fee of 980 € (excl. VAT) is due when the contract is signed.

An annual support fee of 480 € (excl. VAT) is due at the beginning of each contract year and covers up to three hours of support. Additional support is invoiced at 40 € (excl. VAT) per 15 minutes.

Usage is invoiced at the end of each calendar month.


Prices are per active user, with unlimited authentications per active user. A user is active in a given time period if they authenticate at least once in that period, no fee is due for inactive users.

You have a choice between two options:

  • Either pay 0.40 € (excl. VAT) per active user per month (the monthly formula)
  • Or pay 0.95 € (excl. VAT) per active user per year (the yearly formula)

Advanced Digital Signatures

  • You pay 0.50 € (excl. VAT) per signature.

Prices may be revised at the end of each contract year.

Volume discounts are available. Contact us for a detailed and personalised offer.