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Companies that want to integrate® into their own applications should call +32 2 616 36 60 from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and noon and between 1pm and 5pm, except on public holidays.

For questions about the use of the app you can call us on +32 2 616 36 77. We can be reached by phone or chat from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, except on public holidays.

Or feel free to reach us by filling out the following form and we'll be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions® is completely free for end users. Companies that want to authenticate users via® can choose from different service plans.

Anyone in possession of a Belgian Electronic Identity Card (eID), Kids-ID or Electronic Foreigner Card can use®. The Kids-ID can be activated for authentication from the age of 6. Ask for it at your city council.

No. Like an identity card, the® app is strictly personal. For security reasons, it can be activated by only one person at a time.

Not for the time being. We're working to restore this capability as soon as possible.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions at Make sure to test your eID with CSAM. If that doesn't work, contact

No, the card reader is only required to activate the mobile application. Then you can use the mobile application to log in.

If you prefer, you can also log in with the eID, on devices with a card reader.

If you don't have an eID card reader, and you can't use one from a colleague or a friend, then maybe you could use a computer in a local library or city hall. Computers with an eID card reader are often available in these places.

You can also buy a card reader in a local computer shop. For more information, see:

Yes. You can. Once you are logged in on our website, you can view a history of when you used®.

Read our Privacy Policy.

Don't panic. You can login to the® website with an eID card reader and delete the mobile device from your profile. As a result, the app on the device is blocked, and can no longer be used to log in.